Max International launches strongMaxwoman campaign to empower women

Max International launches strongMaxwoman campaign to empower women
Source: Ghana | Karen Dodoo | JoyBusiness
Date: 22-10-2018 Time: 09:10:25:am

An industry leader in the production of wellness and weight-loss max international supplements and products has launched its new strongMaxwoman campaign, a drive to recognize achievements of its female associates and to bring more opportunity to women around the world.
Chief Executive of Max International Joe Voyticky explained that the campaign is meant to empower women in their entrepreneurial journey.
‘‘Women need to be supported, they need consistent support so that they can live their dreams. Women work so hard, but unfortunately, in the world, women are not treated the same way men are. In the United States, for Instance, they are 67% of what a man is paid for the same job. That’s just not fair. So we want to bring awareness to their efforts.’’
We're launching this #strongMaxwoman campaign to not only recognize the success of our female associates, but we also want to encourage the next generation of women to take advantage of this incredible opportunity,’’ he said.
The campaign will involve the training of women in basic entrepreneurial skills which will not only help bring business opportunities to them but also help them start and manage their business properly.
‘‘Entrepreneurial training starts beyond your own development. As you keep growing, you need to keep reinforcing learnt lessons. A lot of times people think you need to give others a lot of money to ensure a successful business but there’s more to having a successful business than just having money. 

You have to have the skills that go with it, but those skills have to be reinforced and that’s what Max International is offering through the strongMaxwoman campaign,’’ he explained.

Through studies by Max International, it has shown that many still earn only 78.3 cents for every $1.00 a man earns in most professions. 
In contrast, the field of network Marketing allows women to start up their own business, giving them an equal opportunity to earn a living. While women make up 1/3 of all entrepreneurs worldwide, they comprise about 75% network marketers.
The campaign was launched at the Max Momentum 2018 Convention tour in Ghana. Highlights of the campaign will continue at other Max Conventions around the world.

Country Manager of Max International Tekle Menelik noted that this campaign will go a long way to empower women to make more and push harder to make an impact within the economic space. He, therefore, called on women to join the Max International.
‘At max international, you get equal pay for equal work. It doesn’t matter your gender or your qualification. It’s a meritocracy and solely based on the work you do. Work in equal money out’’.
About Max International

Max International LLC was founded in 2007 and currently conducts operations in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Colombia, El Salvador, Singapore, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Ghana through direct sales force made up of more than 100,000 home-based distributors